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Unheilbar gesund!

Ludwig Watzal hat eine Bitte:

"vielleicht veröffentlichen Sie auch mal eine antwort meinerseits auf die zahlreichen Hetzartikel, die sie immer wieder über mich verbreiten."

Machen wir gerne! Bis jetzt haben wir noch jede Antwort von L.W. veroeffentlicht. Erstens ist es ein Gebot der Fairness, zweitens gibt es in diesen Tagen wenig, worueber man richtig ablachen kann. Los gehts!

Dear Mr. Editor,
please publish the following letter to the article by John Rosenthal, February 23, 2006 on your website:
I was very surprised reading John Rosenthal´s pamphlet “Germany´s Terror Apologist” as it is widely identical with the inflammatory writings in German by people like Laster, Küntzel, Heinrich, Broder, Stawski, L. Rensmann, Schröder, Balke and the ilk. For the last 18 months those people have been trying to destroy my reputation and professional existence. I can congratulate Mr. Rosenthal for his deep knowledge of these incidences. Surprisingly he uses exactly the same allegations and quotations which the German phamphletists use. Which strange contingencies? He gives a totally distorted picture of my person and my writings. Can I believe that this is really his intention? Astonishingly, Mr. Rosenthal is both: fluent in German and also deeply involved in the inner circle of this slanderous network. He even quotes a grotesk article written by Matthias Küntzel which he wrote about a courtcase (Districtcourt of Hamburg) against Mr. Samuel Laster. He operates a website called “”. Laster posted a slanderous excerpt from the book “Demokratie und Judenbild” by Mr. Lars Rensmann concerning me. Two false allegations of this article had to be blackened not only in Germany but worldwide. Mr. Laster was convicted and had to pay all the costs of the courtprocedures. However, Küntzel presented Laster as the victim and me as the perpetrator. He must have gotten something wrong, although the judgement was clear. So far about the seriousness and ability of perceivement of Mr. Küntzel. I was very surprised that Mr. Rosenthal published an article by Küntzel on his own website “Transatlantic Intelligencer” (sic!) together with an article by Thomas von der Osten-Sacken und Thomas Uwer. Both associate also with this strange network. How came that an owner of this proper website did copy that rubbish? Had Rosenthal perhaps a German “spindoctor” when he formulated his false allegations? All the slanderous imputations against myself were dismissed in German. Can I believe that Mr. Rosenthal was interested in correct information? Perhaps the unbiased American reader would like to make up his and her own opinion about my writings (

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Ludwig Watzal

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