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Britisches Gesetz gegen die (onshore) Windkraft

Local residents will be able to block all future onshore wind farms under new measures to be fast-tracked into law, the new energy secretary has announced. “It will mean no more onshore wind farm subsidies and no more onshore wind farms without local community support.” Amber Rudd revealed she had “put a rocket” under her officials to “put the local community back in charge” of their own neighbourhoods.

In an interview with The Sunday Times she also said the Tory government would kick-start a shale gas revolution and loosen rules so it could be extracted from under national parks. No subsidies will be paid to operators of new onshore wind turbines under legislation to be included in the Queen’s speech.

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Solidarność Klima-Konferenz

Solidarność Trade Union Climate Conference, Katowice, Poland 29 May 2015

Climate Policy: Assessment & What Next?

Katowice, 29 May 2015

14:00 – 14.10 – Dominik Kolorz, Chairman of the Solidarity Trade Union (Silesian Region)

Keynote Address
14:10 – 14:40 - Dr Benny Peiser (GWPF): Global Warming Standstill and the Paris UN Climate Summit: Implications for EU Climate Policy. 

Full programme


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Britischer Klima-Minister, Öko-Liberale sind Toast

Climate change secretary Ed Davey has lost his seat to the Conservative party, in an election night that has seen the Liberal Democrats presence in the House of Commons decimated. Davey became the first cabinet minister to lose his seat since 1997, when he lost his Kingston and Surbiton seat to Tory challenger James Berry.

He admitted earlier this year it was “quite likely” he would no longer be Energy and Climate Change Secretary by the time crucial talks on securing a new global deal to tackle change take place in Paris in December.

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Gescheiterte Propaganda: Fast die Hälfte junger Amerikaner sind Klima-Skeptiker

New data from the Harvard Public Opinion Project tell a very different story. Only 55 percent of [young Americans] agreed with the statement, “Global warming is a proven fact and is mostly caused by emissions from cars and industrial facilities such as power plants.” Twenty percent held the belief that “Global warming is a proven fact, and is mostly caused by natural changes that have nothing to do with emissions from cars,” and the remaining 23 percent who answered the question believe that “Global warming is a theory that has not been proven yet.”

Even more surprising, these numbers are the same across the board for participants between 18 and 29 years old, with 51-56 percent agreeing that global warming is a fact and is caused by fuel emissions across age groups. In fact, the age group that least agreed with the first...


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Inquiry Launched Into Global Temperature Data Integrity

London: 26 April 2015. The London-based think-tank the Global Warming Policy Foundation is today launching a major inquiry into the integrity of the official global surface temperature records.

An international team of eminent climatologists, physicists and statisticians has been assembled under the chairmanship of Professor Terence Kealey, the former vice-chancellor of the University of Buckingham.

Questions have been raised about the reliability of the surface temperature data and the extent to which apparent warming trends may be artefacts of adjustments made after the data are collected. The inquiry will review the technical challenges in accurately measuring surface temperature, and will assess the extent of adjustments to the data, their integrity and whether they tend to increase or decrease the warming trend.

Launching the...


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Islamistische Nazi-Methoden

Die meisten unter den Massakrierten waren Christen. Die somalische Terrormiliz al-Shabaab sortierte bei ihrem Überfall auf die kenianische Universität Garissa die Studenten aus. Wer kein Muslim war, erfuhr keine Gnade.



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Entwarnung: 20-jährige Studie zeigt Golfstrom ist stabil

Übliche Klimahysterie: Forscher warnen: Klimawandel schwächt wärmenden Golfstrom ab

Realitäts-Check: 20 years of data demonstrates Gulf Stream remains stable

University of Rhode Island. 3 March 2014 – Several recent studies have generated a great deal of publicity for their claims that the warming climate is slowing the pace of the Gulf Stream. They say that the Gulf Stream is decreasing in strength as a result of rising sea levels along the East Coast. However, none of the studies include any direct measurements of the current over an extended period to prove their point.

But this is exactly what has been underway at the University of Rhode Island and Stony Brook University for the last 20 years: measurement of the strength of the Gulf Stream. And according to a paper published in Geophysical Research Letters, the researchers...


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Royal Society Misrepresents Climate Science

London, 15 March: A new briefing paper published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation has accused the Royal Society of presenting a misleading picture of climate science.

The briefing, entitled The Small Print: What the Royal Society left out, challenges claims made in the Royal Society’s recently published Short Guide to Climate Science, and demonstrates how the Society has left out many important facts, caveats and doubts on subjects as varied as the causes of climate change, extreme weather and the role of the Sun.

“As an example, the Royal Society addresses the question of why Antarctic sea ice is growing,” says Prof Ross McKitrick, the chairman of the GWPF’s Academic Advisory Council, “but in doing so they present a recently proposed hypothesis as if it were settled science. Failing to admit when the answer to an...


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