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Klima-Propheten: Keine Ahnung, aber davon viel

FAZ: Harte Zeiten für Klimaforscher: Sie rechnen und rechnen - und bleiben dennoch Anworten schuldig. Das kann Jahrzehnte so gehen. Die globale Erwärmung pausiert, weshalb weiss keiner.

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BBC, Climate Change & Censorship

Benny Peiser is a social anthropologist best known for his work on the portrayal of climate change. The founder of CCNet, a leading climate policy network, Peiser is director of the Global Warming Policy Foundation. Following the BBC’s recent decision to uphold a complaint against comments made by climate change sceptic Lord Lawson on the Today programme, we spoke to Peiser about scientific consensus and climate change in the media.

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Das Propagandabüro der BBC

The BBC has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money asking 33,000 people in Asian countries how climate change is affecting them. The £519,000 campaigning survey by little-known BBC Media Action is designed to persuade the world to adopt more hard-line policies to combat global warming…

The BBC survey’s campaigning intention is suggested by a chapter entitled The Policy Context which tells readers that next year, world leaders will meet at a UN summit in Paris to hammer out a new treaty to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

‘2015 is a propitious moment for reorienting the way that we talk about climate change,’ the survey report says. The Paris talks will ‘open a window of opportunity… to articulate a climate change perspective rooted in people’s needs’.

Dr Benny Peiser, director of the Global Warming...


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Duel: Is it time to frack in Britain?

Britons today are much more concerned about their energy bills than they are about climate change. They have become sceptical about renewable energy because rising costs are becoming more obvious—while gas prices have come down as a result of increasing gas supplies. The shale revolution is inevitable and won’t be stopped. In the US, a growing number of green NGOs are beginning to accept reality and are jumping on Obama’s shale bandwagon. In the UK, green campaigners have been able to hold off fracking for some time, but I doubt the development of UK shale gas will be blocked for much longer.

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Hornberger Schießen in Bonn

Countries have ploughed on with the task of creating a new UN climate treaty over the past two weeks in Bonn, but a lack of money is still hampering progress, say the world’s poorest countries. During two weeks of negotiations, there has been no “major advancement” in figuring out how developed countries will raise the US$ 100billion which they have promised to donate every year from 2020.

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Jetzt kommt der Öko-Soli: Wie gewonnen, so zerronnen

Alle Besitzer neuer Solaranlagen oder umweltfreundlicher Kraft- Wärme-Kopplungsanlagen sollen künftig eine Abgabe für selbst genutzten Strom zahlen. Darauf haben sich die Unterhändler von Unions- und SPD-Fraktion geeinigt, hieß es am Donnerstag aus Koalitionskreisen. Demnach sollen alle Selbstversorger – vom Industriekonzern bis zum Bürger – mit einer Solaranlage auf dem Dach 40 Prozent der Ökostromumlage je Kilowattstunde als „Soli“ entrichten. Das wären derzeit rund 2,5 Cent. Scharf kritisiert wurde die Einigung von Umwelt- und Verbraucherverbänden sowie Unternehmen der Energiebranche.

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Australien und Kanada schmieden Allianz der Klima-Realisten

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is seeking an alliance among “like-minded” nations to thwart efforts to introduce carbon pricing and American President Barack Obama’s move to push climate change through global forums like G20.

Abbott, who is visiting Canada for talks with the country’s prime minister and his close friend Stephen Harper, said efforts are underway to form a new “center-right” alliance under the leadership of Canada, UK, Australia, India and New Zealand.

Reports said the alliance is a “calculated attempt” to push back on what both Mr Abbott and Mr Harper sees as a “left-liberal agenda” to raise taxes and “unwise” plans to address the issue of global warming.

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The Bengtsson Affair and the Global Warming Policy Foundation

On 24 April 2014 I sent an email to an eminent meteorologist, Professor Lennart Bengtsson,[1] inviting him to become a member of the Academic Advisory Council of the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF), and three days later I was happy to receive a letter of acceptance; I duly added Bengtsson’s name to our list of Council members, and his acceptance was announced on the GWPF website.

On 1 May the Dutch journalist Marcel Crok published on his blog an interview with Bengtsson. He began by posing the question: Why did you join the GWPF Academic Council? Bengtsson’s response was as follows:

I know some of the scientists in GWPF and they have made fine contributions to science. I also respect individuals that speak their mind as they consider scientific truth (to that extent we can determine it) more important than to be politically...


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