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VEB Energiekombinat: Deutschland auf dem Weg in den Energie-Sozialismus

Die Bundesnetzagentur hält die Stromversorgung Süddeutschlands im Winter mittelfristig nicht mehr für uneingeschränkt sicher. Der Grund ist, dass immer mehr konventionelle Kraftwerke im Zuge der Energiewende aus dem Markt gedrängt werden. Deshalb empfiehlt die Aufsichtsbehörde über den Energiemarkt der Bundesregierung, den Bau eines Reservekraftwerks “administrativ” zu veranlassen, um Stromausfälle im Winter 2017/2018 zu verhindern. Die Ausschreibung zum Bau des ersten staatlichen Kraftwerkprojektes der Nachkriegszeit wird von der Behörde bereits vorbereitet.

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Britischer Erziehungsminister besorgt über grüne Gehirnwäsche an Schulen

A spokesman for Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Education, has said that teachers who do not offer a balanced view on issues like climate change are breaking the law. The Department for Education’s comments came after a report from The Global Warming Policy Foundation raised serious concerns about the lack of balance in British classrooms.

The report by Andrew Montford and John Shade, warned that “eco-activists” in the education system were frightening children and using “pester power” to ensure parents are forced to adopt lifestyle choices dictated in schools.

The report said: “We find instances of eco-activism being given a free rein within schools and at the events schools encourage their pupils to attend. In every case of concern,the slant is on scares, on raising fears, followed by the promotion of detailed guidance on...


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Grüne Gehirnwäsche an britischen Schulen

London, 8 April: A new report published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation is calling for Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Education, to institute an official inquiry into the way environmentalism and in particular climate change are being taught in schools.

In the report, authors Andrew Montford and John Shade describe how environmentalism has come to permeate school curricula across the UK, featuring in an astonishing variety of subjects, from geography to religious education to modern languages.
Passing examinations will now usually involve the ability to recite green mantras rather than understanding the subtle questions of science and economics involved.

The authors review in detail the climate change teaching materials currently used in British schools, with disturbing results. There is ample evidence of...


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James Lovelock: “We need to stay sceptical about the projections of climate models”

Book Review: A Rough Ride to the Future by James Lovelock

This book reveals that James Lovelock, at 94, has not lost his sparkling intelligence, his lucid prose style, or his cheerful humanity. May Gaia grant that we all have such talents in our tenth decades, because the inventor of gadgets and eco-visionary has lived long enough to recant some of the less sensible views he espoused in his eighties.

Eight years ago, at the height of global warming alarmism, Lovelock turned uncharacteristically pessimistic in his book The Revenge of Gaia. He’d been got at by the greens. Despite all our efforts, he thought, “we may be unable to prevent a global decline into a chaotic world ruled by brutal warlords on a devastated Earth”. Billions would die, he said, and the few breeding pairs of human beings who survived would be in the Arctic.


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James Lovelock: ‘Kein Mensch versteht den Klimawandel. Alle sind nur am raten’

James Lovelock im BBC Interview gestern abend: Take this climate matter everybody is thinking about. They all talk, they pass laws, they do things, as if they knew what was happening. I don’t think anybody really knows what’s happening. They just guess. And a whole group of them meet together and encourage each other’s guesses.

Jeremy Paxman: That latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change did suggest that there was something inevitable about climate change, that it had already begun and that we had to adjust to it. All of these things are true, are they not, as far as we know?

James Lovelock: Absolutely, that is true, the last [IPCC] report is very similar to the statements I made in my book about 8 years ago, called The Revenge of Gaia. It’s almost as if they’ve copied it.

Jeremy Paxman: Sure. But you...


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Skeptics romp in 6 Bloggies awards

Skeptics romp in 6 Bloggies categories - Best Weblog About Politics: The Global Warming Policy Foundation

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Weltklimarat unter Druck: Regierungen verlangen schärferen Wortlaut

Der ‘wissenschaftliche Konsens’ wird in Yokohama gerade ausgehandelt: Many governments want sterner warnings of probable economic damage from global warming in a draft U.N. report due on Monday, saying that existing estimates of trillions of dollars in losses are only part of the picture. A final draft before talks this week among governments and scientists in Japan projected that warming would cut economic output by between 0.2 and 2.0 percent a year by damaging human health, disrupting water supplies and raising sea levels.

But many countries reckon that is an underestimate because it excludes risks of catastrophic changes, such as a runaway melt of Greenland’s ice, collapse of coral reefs or a drying of the Amazon rainforest that could cause massive economic losses.

Trying to address the objections, an updated draft text from the...


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Warming Interruptus

What is the reason for the lack of warming observed at the surface of the Earth since about 1997? Many causes have been proposed, and with increasing frequency, but most only represent partial explanations. There are clearly more putative causes than can possibly be the case.

Full paper

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